Dr. Christoph Henckel represents individuals and companies in all areas of corporate criminal law as well as penal tax law.

Dr Christoph Henckel graduated from Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. He holds a PhD in criminal procedural law from Bucerius Law School and, in addition to his doctorate, worked as a research assistant at a criminal law chair. During his legal clerkship, Christoph further focused on (white collar) criminal law, including stations at the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection in Berlin and at Eurojust in The Hague.
Before joining FHM, Christoph worked for three years as a defence attorney in a nationally renowned law firm in Cologne specialising in white collar and tax criminal law. During that time, he represented companies and managers in all criminal law matters. Christoph is the author of various publications in the field of criminal law and a member of the editorial board of HRRS.

We represent clients in a criminal investigation and, if necessary, in court as well as in appeal. Our main focus is to advance the relevant legal arguments during the investigation to avoid a trial and the publicity that comes with it.

In case of criminal wrongdoing by managers or employees, companies can face substantial sanctions under sections 30, 130 OWiG. They are entitled to an effective representation in the investigation as well as in court. We organise the defense, communicate with authorities and other advisors as well as the management to prevent sanctions as well as reputional risks.

Where a suspicion of (criminal) wrongdoing by employees arises, managers should investigate the allegations in order to prepare for potential investigations by authorities and to take the necessary measures against employees violating the law or contractual obligations.

We represent companies as well as individuals victim of criminal wrongdoing and assist them in gathering evidence, in filing criminal complaints or in representing their interests in court.

A witnness summoned for testimony is entitled to be represented by a lawyer of his or her own choosing. We provide legal advice and support to witnesses and make sure that the procedural rights, especially the right not to self-incriminate, are respected.

We support companies in the establishment of compliance management systems. Our forensic expertise allows us to identify the specific risks companies are facing and to establish and document the measures to adress such risks.

We represent companies and individuals in product liability and industrial accidents cases. Authorities often assume (criminal) liability and ignore the complexity of such cases.

Employers face a significant risk of criminal liability in case of violations of labour as well as social law. A prominent example is the case of false self-employment which might apply e.g. to freelancers and advisors. Our expertise in both areas – corporate criminal law and labour law – allows us to represent clients in all relevant proceedings.

We represent clients in cases of alleged tax evasion. We also provide advice to companies and individuals that might face accusations and consider a correction of voluntary disclosure of tax evasion. We work closely with tax lawyers and accounts to allow for a comprehensive assessment.

It is a common feature of anti-trust cases that companies and individuals also face accusations of criminal wrongdoing. We coordinate with competition law experts to guarantee an effective defence and assist them in ongoing-proceedings which require forensic expertise and in-depth knowledge of the rules of criminal procedure.

Insolvencies regularly lead to criminal investigations against managers. Whoever fails to request the opening of insolvency proceedings in good time commits a criminal act under German law. The subsequent investigations generally also cover accusations of fraud, breach of trust or bankruptcy.

We represent clients in extradition proceedings as well as against European Arrest Warrants. Our expertise in international criminal law and our network of partners allow us to coordinate a defense in multi-jurisdictional settings.

We represent clients in appeal proceedings before the Federal Court of Justice and the Higher Regional Courts.

We regularly represent clients in constitutional court proceedings that have a background in criminal law as well as extradition law. We also provide advice to clients in ongoing court proceedings that might lead to a future compliant as it is required by law that constitutional arguments have to be advanced in such proceedings as well.

  • German Bar Association (DAV)
  • Criminal Law Section of the DAV
  • Economic Criminal Law Association (WisteV)
  • German-American Lawyers’ Association
  • Bucerius Alumni e.V.